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MTCC-Asia Speaks at MTCC-Latin America Launch Event.

Zhang Chi, Senior Consultant of MTCC-Asia, and General Manager of COSCO Shipping Lines (Central America) INC., attended the launch event of MTCC-Latin America held in Panama on March 13, 2018. Zhang Chi read the congratulation letter prepared by Jin Yongxing, the Director of MTCC-Asia and the Chairman of Shanghai Maritime University Council. In the letter, Mr. Jin expressed his warm congratulations to the successful launch of MTCC-Latin America, and briefed the progress and achievements of MTCC-Asia last year. He hoped that close ties and further cooperation could be realized in the future in ship energy efficiency, thus making contribution to the global maritime industry. After the launch, Mr. Zhang Chi gave the gift of congratulations to MTCC-Latin America on behalf of MTCC-Asia. The Latin America Maritime Cooperation Technology Centre, hosted by Universidad Maritima Internacinal Panama was launched as one of 5 MTCCs. More…… 17/03/2018

Working Meeting with Senior Consultant from COSCO China Shipping.

A working meeting with Mr. Zhang Chi, President of COSCO China Shipping Central America, Senior Consultant of MTCC-Asia, was held in the city office on March 9, 2018. Prof. Jin Yongxing, Director of MTCC-Asia and the Chairman of Shanghai Maritime University Council expressed his thanks to Mr. Zhang for joining this meeting during his business trip in Shanghai. Having been in the service of COSCO China Shipping for years, Mr. Zhang is currently leading for the Group the shipping market of Central America, with its headquarter based in Panama City. He brought forward strong information that “China’s Belt & Road Initiative are heralded not only by the coastal countries on the Maritime Silk Route, but also by the growing number of countries in the Central and South America that have made positive response to the Initiative. More…… 12/03/2018

Delegation of Korean Federation of Port& Transport Workers’ Union Visits MTCC-Asia.

On March 8 2018, a delegation from Korean Federation of Port & Transport Workers’ Union, led by Mr. Chilong Yong Chi, President of Port & Transport Korean’s Union, and Mr. Lee Yuntae, Vice President of Busan Port & transport Worker’s Union visited MTCC-Asia. Mr. Jin Yongxing, the Director of MTCC-Asia and the Chairman of Shanghai Maritime University Council met with the delegation, and made fruitful talk on the development of ship energy efficiency technology and existing labor status between China and ROK ports. Tentative results on future cooperation are mapped out. A lecture on “Shanghai shipping center construction and port development” was delivered by Professor Zhen Hong, the Secretary of the Shanghai International Shipping Institute. He also shared his opinion with the delegation on such hot topics as development of the Shanghai Port, automated container terminal construction. More…… 11/03/2018

MTCC-Asia at the 35th ASEAN Maritime Working Group Meeting.

MTCC-Asia participated the 35th ASEAN Maritime Working Group meeting held in Singapore from February 27, 2018 to March 1, with representation of IMO and shipping organizations from Asia in addition to ten ASEAN countries including China, Japan, South Korea and India.The meeting focused on the implementation of objectives of the ASEAN Transport Strategic Plan 2016-2025 regarding shipping, including the project plan and progress of the ASEAN Maritime Regional cooperation projects, the construction of a single shipping market, and the non-convention ship safety management cooperation. At the meeting, the Chinese delegation highlighted the MTCC-Asia project which is sponsored by the Shanghai Maritime University, pointing out that this project is an important foundation and prelude to the implementation of the energy efficiency of ships. More…… 10/03/2018