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International Conference on Ship Energy Efficiency 2019 successfully held.

Under the guidance of International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the great support from Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) and the Shipping Office of Shanghai Hongkou District Government, MTCC-Asia, funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the IMO, has successfully organized the “International Conference on Ship Energy Efficiency 2019” from April 22nd to 25th in Shanghai, China. Mr. Octavian STAMATE, Counsellor of the EU Delegation to China, Prof. Xin SHI, the Vice President of SMU and the Executive Chairman of MTCC-Asia, with other 40 representatives from the maritime authorities, academia, and shipping industry of China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Panama attended the conference. The conference was themed as “Technology application and practices for GHG controlling and major challenges for shipping industry”. In the opening speech, Prof. Xin SHI, on behalf of MTCC-Asia and SMU, extended his warm welcome to all participants and introduced the advantages of and achievements by MTCC-Asia in the fields of improving ship energy efficiency and reducing GHG emissions from ships. He expressed his sincere hope that this conference could serve as a platform to facilitate the exchange and sharing among different countries on the management and technology innovation in the areas of maritime energy efficiency and GHG emissions reduction. More…… 13/05/2019

MTCC-Asia officially operating E-learning Course.

Taking advantages of the experience of E-learning technologies prevailing in large international enterprises and organizations, and under the guidance of IMO, MTCC-Asia, funded by the European Union and implemented by the IMO, officially started to operate an E-learning course from May 1st, 2019. The first E-learning course will be running from May 1st to June 30th. The courses mainly cover the International Maritime Conventions, Ship Energy Efficiency Management and Technologies, Shipping Industry Management and Practices, and will be done with diversified ways, innovative and flexible learning methods. The courses are mainly produced by MTCC-Asia Technical Officers and placed online for the use of trainees. The courses are designed for the trainees from Asian maritime countries, in particular those from maritime authorities and institutions. More…… 10/05/2019

International Conference on Ship Energy Efficiency 2019 to be held soon.

Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) and Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre for Asia (MTCC-Asia), which is funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), will jointly host the International Conference on Ship Energy Efficiency from 22-26 April 2019 in Shanghai, China. Under the guidance of IMO, over 40 participants from academia, maritime authorities and technology providers will be invited to the conference. The conference aims to provide participants with an academic platform for freely exchanging the ideas, comprehensively reviewing the regulations, widely demonstrating the latest technology, and deeply exploring the key challenges, related to the uptake of ship energy efficiency and the reduction of the GHG emissions from ships. Paper presentation, panel discussion, keynote speech and field study will be arranged during the five-day agenda. More…… 15/04/2019