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Director-General of General Department of Waterway of Cambodia visits MTCC-Asia.

On October 3rd, Mr. Chan Dara, Director General of General Department of Waterway-Maritime Transport and Ports of Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Kingdom of Cambodia and his colleague, Mr. Mak Sideth paid their visit to the MTCC-Asia in Shanghai. He was warmly welcomed by Prof. Jin Yongxing, Director of MTCC-Asia and Chairman of Board of Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) in the accompany with the MTCC-Asia staff showed around the City office located in Lujiazui Financial District of Shanghai. More…… 08/10/2017

MTCC-Asia 1st Regional Workshop Launched in Shanghai.

On September 18th, 2017 over 40 maritime administrators from overseas gathered in Shanghai to attend the five-day MTCC-Asia Regional Workshop. Among the participants are officials from 18 Asian countries, plus International Maritime Organization (IMO), World Ocean Council (WOC), International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), International Maritime Lecturers Association (IMLA), Danish Maritime Authority and MTCC-Caribbean. This Workshop is the first of the kind since the launch of MTCC-Asia in May this year. More…… 19/09/2017

Director General of SMTC visits MTCC-Asia.

September 5—-Xie Feng, Director General of Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission (SMTC) paid a visit to MTCC-Asia, accompanied by Zhang Lin, vice Director General of SMTC. He was warmly welcomed by Jin Yongxing,Director of MTCC-Asia and Chairman of Board of Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) and showed around the City office located in Lujiazui Financial District.In the following meeting chaired by Shi Xin, Executive member of MTCC-Asia and vice President of Shanghai Maritime University, Mr. Jin spoke about the significance of the role of MTCC-Asia in fighting against ship GHG emission in Asian Maritime Countries, saying that MTCC-Asia was the 1st ever functional institution located in China with the authorization of IMO. More…… 09/09/2017

Vice Chairman of IMO Council visits MTCC-Asia.

Recently, despite the humid and hot weather in Shanghai, Mr. Zhang Xiaojie, vice Chairman of IMO Council and vice director of the International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Transportation of China, visits MTCC-Asia and has a friendly and cordial talk with Jin Yongxing, director of the MTCC-Asia and Chairman of Board of Shanghai Maritime University. Director Jin Yongxing expressed sincere gratitude to his unfailing and constant support in last years. He says that the operation of MTCC-Asia undergoes as planned. For the time being, at the top of the MTCC-Asia is the pending workshop in September, attracting as many as 50 participants from nearly 10 Asian countries. More…… 02/09/2017

WMU president visits MTCC-Asia.

Prof. Jin Yongxing, Director of the MTCC-Asia and the Chairman of Board of SMU (Shanghai Maritime Unviersity) meets Ms. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President of the WMU (World Maritime University), and Shuo Ma, vice President of the WMU, located in Malmo, Sweden on August 28, 2017. WMU President visited the city office of MTCC-Asia, located at Lu jiazui of Shanghai. Looking at the seminar room, the photo gallery, the meeting room, she did not hesitate to pour out her appreciations for the vision and solid work carried out by the MTCC-Asia. She said to Director Jin,” the vision of the MTCC-Asia is marvelous, and the team behind the MTCC-Asia is sure to bring out more splendid achievements.”  More…… 29/08/2017