Our actions

MTCC-Asia Board Meeting 2018 held.

Recently the MTCC-Asia Board meeting was held in MTCC-Asia’s City Office. The Board members listened to the 2017 report presented by Chairman Jin Yongxing, and made some suggestions on the 2018 Work Plan. The Board affirmed that MTCC-Asia had courageously overcome tremendous difficulties, made an impressive and fabulous job, and accomplished the tasks as required, in particular the establishment of 1st MTCC’s branch office in Cambodia. Looking ahead, there were loads of challenges, technical and media, which called for a concerted mind and the resolve to act in face of unknown hardships. After reviewing the 2018 Work Plan, the Board agreed that 2018 was the critical year in MTCC-Asia’s development as the technology software was scheduled to be developed, and would continue to provide further support to MTCC-Asia in data collection, fuel consumption and relevant research.  More…… 28/05/2018

MTCC-Asia at IMO MEPC 72.

The Global MTCC Network (GMN) Project provided an update and overview presentation to delegates of the 72nd Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) that was held 9-13 April 2018 at IMO Headquarters in London. MTCC-Asia Deputy Head Ms. Yingming Wang joined the GMN team at the presentation, together with representatives of IMO, EU and other MTCCs across the globe. The presentation was chaired by Dr. Jose Matheickal, Deputy Director of IMO Marine Environmental Division, and details were given by GMN PCU members on GMN achievements and priority actions for the coming months. Ms. Yingming Wang on half of MTCC-Asia expressed thanks to IMO and EU for their guidance and support for MTCC-Asia to achieve success in maritime technology cooperation in the region of Asia. Delegates of MEPC72 were also given the opportunity to ask questions and provide comments. More…… 25/04/2018

MTCC-Asia Seminar on Pilot Projects held.

On April 10, the day after the Qingming Festival, MTCC-Asia held a demonstration project seminar to optimize the results on Pilot Project 1 on “uptake of ship energy efficient technologies and operations by using trim optimization”and Pilot Project 2 on “fuel consumption data collection and reporting”. Wang Xinbo, vice General Manager of China COSCO Shipping Technology Co. Ltd. and Zhang Jie, vice General Manager of 1st Division of China COSCO Shipping Technology Co. Ltd., CEO Lin Jie and CTO Zhang Shua from Gsoul NetTech participated in the seminar with other 5 MTCC-Asia staff members. MTCC-Asia Head Ruan Wei recalled the history of MTCC-Asia, and expounded on the expected outcome of the two Pilot Projects and the roadmap. MTCC-Asia Technical Officer, Zhou Feng illustrated the technological plan for two pilot projects with the results that have been completely and deeply discussed. He compared the frequency of data collection and data source, and considered that a report of fuel consumption or data of fixed frequency fitting to the requirements may lead to the reliability and big data computation. More…… 09/04/2018