All ready for MTCC-Asia branch office in Myanmar.


On November 5, 2018, MTCC-Asia, funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will host the launching ceremony of its Branch Office in Yangon, Myanmar. Taking this opportunity, Mr. Shi Xin, Executive Director of MTCC-Asia and Vice President of Shanghai Maritime University (SMU), and Mr. Ruan Wei, Head of MTCC-Asia, will visit Myanmar to ensure the smooth running of the ceremony. The Myanmar Branch Office is the second branch office established by MTCC-Asia in the Asian region following the Cambodian branch office. The Myanmar Branch Office is located in the Myanmar Maritime University (MMU). MMU was established by the Burmese military government in February 2002. Directly affiliated to the Ministry of Transport of Myanmar and located in the port of Dilava near Yangon, MMU is also an institute for training competent shipbuilders and engineers for the Myanmar Maritime Transportation Department.

At the launching ceremony, SMU will also sign a MOU with MMU and hold talks and discussions on the operation and development of the Myanmar Branch Office. The Myanmar side also attaches great importance to the establishment of the branch office. Mr. Kyaw Myo, Deputy Minister of Transport of Myanmar, and Mr. Thaung Kyaing, leader of the Myanmar Maritime Administration, will attend the launching ceremony. At the same time, the preparations for the launching ceremony are ongoing in an orderly manner.