Dean of MSK in Denmark visits MTCC-Asia


On March 6, Dean Eric Andrison, and Vice President Thomas Dragoe of Marine Engineering and Technology management, Copenhagen, Denmark (Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management, hereinafter called MSK) paid a visit to MTCC-Asia at SMU Campus Office. Jin Yongxing, Director of MTCC-Asia and Chairman of SMU Council met with the guests, together with the Head of MTCC-Asia, Mr. Ruan Wei and his colleagues.

Mr. Jin said that in recent years, the cooperation between SMU and MSK has been progressing smoothly, both sides having benefited greatly from the good cooperation in students in exchange study, curriculum training and teacher exchange. He expected the two sides to deepen their cooperation and exchange.

Andreassen said that Shanghai Maritime University is one of the most important partners of MSK in Asia. MSK has updated itself with more sophisticated teaching equipment in new campus, which is well-positioned to to further expand the curriculum training and summer projects and other aspects of cooperation in the future with SMU, contributing to the fulfillment of more cultivated maritime talents.

After the talks, MTCC-Asia briefed the guests on the construction of Shanghai International Maritime Technical Cooperation Center for Asia and the monitoring system of ship air emission. Andreassen expressed appreciation for SMU hosting MTCC-Asia, and he expected to be able to do something to boost MTCC-Asia in the future, promoting the cooperation and research between MTCC-Asia and Danish enterprises.

MSK is an institution under the Danish National Maritime Administration and one of the largest maritime engineering institutes in Denmark. Since 2011, the two universities have carried out fruitful cooperation in exchange of students, staff exchang and sharing of teaching resources.