Director General of Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission (SMTC) visits MTCC-Asia


September 5—-Xie Feng, Director General of Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission (SMTC) paid a visit to MTCC-Asia, accompanied by Zhang Lin, vice Director General of SMTC. He was warmly welcomed by Jin Yongxing, Director of MTCC-Asia and Chairman of Board of Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) showed around the City office located in Lujiazui Financial District.

In the following meeting chaired by Shi Xin, Executive member of MTCC-Asia and vice President of Shanghai Maritime University, Mr. Jin spoke about the significance of the role of MTCC-Asia in fighting against ship GHG emission in Asian Maritime Countries, saying that MTCC-Asia was the 1st ever functional institution located in China with the authorization of IMO. He expressed gratitude to the relentless support from SMTC in the bidding and hoped that SMTC would continue to support MTCC-Asia in the future. Greener ocean was the one of the main tasks of IMO, which is the objective of MTCC-Asia. Despite the challenges ahead, he believed that with the joint effort from partners and authorities including SMTC, MTCC-Asia would accomplish the tasks assigned by IMO. Staff members of MTCC-Asia introduced the mission and future plan of MTCC-Asia, with emphasis on the technical solution to ship GHG emission mitigation and energy efficiency data collection.

Then the two sides exchanged ideas on deeper cooperation plan.