Global Forum on Green Shipping in celebration of IMO 70th Anniversary held in Shanghai


July 11th 2018 is the 14th Maritime Day of China. The Global Forum on Green Shipping in celebration of the IMO 70th Anniversary was held in the Shanghai International Convention Center. The theme of the 2018 World Maritime Day is IMO 70th anniversary our heritage—Better Shipping for Better Future. The IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim attended the event with 120 maritime experts and officials, discussing about the shipping industry and the challenges in the future.

Jin Yongxing, the Chairman of Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) Council, the Chairman of MTCC-Asia and the Honorary Chairman of IMLA (International Maritime Lecturers Association) said, “In the 21st oceanic century, mankind is working together to create a new era of navigation and marine civilization, calling for the whole world to show more concern and actively participate in maritime development. SMU is a multi-disciplinary university that encompasses such areas as engineering, management, economics, law, literature, arts and science, with special emphasis on shipping, logistics, ocean, economics and management. The issue of how to let more young people care about the sea, love the sea, be part of the sea is what is on the mind of the SMU and IMLA.”

In his speech, Mr. Kitack Lim expressed his appreciation to the Government of China and its shipping industry for the active participation and great support. He pointed out that the world maritime day provides an opportunity to reflect and showcase how IMO has developed and adapted while staying true to its overall mission – to promote safe, secure, environmentally sound, efficient and sustainable shipping. Environmental issues are always high on the agenda. Among many recent examples of how IMO was establishing a green future for shipping was IMO’s work to cut greenhouse gas emissions, to reduce the Sulphur content of ships’ fuel oil and to require strict ballast water management. He stated that China is one of the most influential Member States of the IMO and made tremendous contributions. He was confident that the IMO Member States will continue their efforts and develop further actions that will soon contribute to the agreed reductions in GHG emissions from ships.

And he also appreciated the song that was composed by SMU and IMLA in dedication to IMO 70th Anniversary.

Mr. Zhang Xiaojie, the Deputy Director General of International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Transport of China and the Chairman of IMO Council, highlighted that “this was a significant moment in the history of IMO, not only because we celebrate the IMO 70th Anniversary today, but for we have come to a crucial moment that will lead into the future of IMO, a better future for the shipping industry.” He proposed to strengthen the work such as integrating the IMO and the new technology, improving the efficiency of the organization, responding to the climate change, participating the maritime governance and etc. which should be put on the agenda of IMO in the years to come.

Mr. Xu Ruqing, the Director General of China Maritime Safety Administration, mentioned that at the moment of IMO 70th Anniversary, the forum on green shipping was the right time to raise the awareness of marine environment protection and climate change, which is far reaching in its significance when we were to reduce the negative impact on marine ecology.

In his speech, Andreas Nordseth, Director General of Danish Maritime Authority showed his optimism that the maritime industry under the leadership of IMO is sure to go forward within maritime conventions and codes framed out by IMO over 70 years.

Ye Myint, Deputy Director General of Department of Marine Administration of Myanmar stressed that IMO has done a lot in helping the developing countries to promote the ship energy efficiency and raise the awareness of marine protection. He also expected the MTCC-Asia under the IMO would soon bring the advanced technology and management experience to Myanmar.

Zhang Lin, Deputy Director General of the Shanghai Transport Commission reviewed the accomplishments that Shanghai has made in recent years, and pointed out that the 3 year Action Plan for 2018-2020 Green Port is the powerful backup for the further achievements of green shipping in Shanghai.

On the forum a song titled “For the Better Future” composed by SMU and IMLA was performed in celebration of the IMO 70th anniversary. Chairman Jin presented the specially made CD containing the song to Mr. Kitack Lim. The lyrics not only sings an ode to the IMO 70th anniversary, but also explicitly conveys the lofty ideas and strong will of SMU and IMLA to inherit the spirit of seafarers and take up the IMO missions, in the hope to let more people care about the sea, love the sea, be part of the sea. Better Shipping for the Better Future.

The celebration ceremony was followed by a panel discussion called “Energy Saving and Sustainable Development” and a visit to the MTCC-Asia City Office.

The event is jointly hosted by SMU, MTCC-Asia and IMLA.