MTCC-Asia 1st Regional Workshop launched in Shanghai



On September 18th, 2017 over 40 maritime administrators from overseas gathered in Shanghai to attend the five-day MTCC-Asia Regional Workshop. Among the participants are officials from 18 Asian countries, plus International Maritime Organization (IMO), World Ocean Council (WOC), International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), International Maritime Lecturers Association (IMLA), Danish Maritime Authority and MTCC-Caribbean. This Workshop is the first of the kind since the launch of MTCC-Asia, funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the IMO, in May this year.

The Workshop was chaired by Mr. SHI Xin, Vice Chairman of MTCC-Asia and Vice President of Shanghai Maritime University.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, Dr. Jose Matheickal,   Deputy Director of IMO Marine Environment Division, expresses his hope that the five Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres will provide leadership in promoting ship energy efficiency technologies and operations, and the reduction of harmful emissions from ships. He states that MTCC-Asia will play a key role in supporting the implementation of IMO regulations in Asia.

Mr. YANG Weiren, Director of International Exchange Division, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, points out that the settlement of MTCC-Asia in Shanghai reflects the high recognition of IMO and the international shipping industry, but also the acknowledgement of the level of international education, and the performance of maritime education in Shanghai.

Prof. JIN Yongxing, Chairman of MTCC-Asia and Secretary of Chairman of Council of Shanghai Maritime University, makes his remarks, “The international maritime community places a high level of trust in us, and that is a trust which we shall never betray.”

Mr. WANG Zhijun, Deputy Director of Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration, speaks that, on the IMO-led international shipping stage, China Maritime is willing to work together with the rest of the world towards promoting the shipping energy-saving and emission-reduction, ensuring a continuous development. MSA China is determined to make a significant contribution to the sustainable development in the shipping industry.

Mr. YAO Wenhua, Director of Shipping Division, Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, comments that MTCC-Asia is a Shanghai’s gateway, and a gateway for other places in China as well, critically important to interconnections. He believes that Shanghai Maritime University will bring into full play its superiority in disciplines, specialties and professionals, and will boost the construction of Shanghai’s International Shipping Center while pushing up the internationalization of Shanghai’s higher education.

Mr. YAN Jun, President of Shanghai International Port Group, mentions that, in the prompt response to UN’s proposal of reduce greenhouse gas emissions reduction and to China’s policy on energy-conservation and environmental protection, for the promotion of  sustainable development of the industry, the Shanghai International Port Group has over the years been committed to the enhancement of the green ports construction, putting energy conservation and emission reduction mechanism throughout the planning and construction of ports and terminal operations.