MTCC-Asia at IMO MEPC 72


The Global MTCC Network (GMN) Project, funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), provided an update and overview presentation to delegates of the 72nd Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) that was held 9-13 April 2018 at IMO Headquarters in London. MTCC-Asia Deputy Head Ms. Yingming Wang joined the GMN team at the presentation, together with representatives of IMO, EU and other MTCCs across the globe. The presentation was chaired by Dr. Jose Matheickal, Deputy Director of IMO Marine Environmental Division, and details were given by GMN PCU members on GMN achievements and priority actions for the coming months. Ms. Yingming Wang on half of MTCC-Asia expressed thanks to IMO and EU for their guidance and support for MTCC-Asia to achieve success in maritime technology cooperation in the region of Asia. Delegates of MEPC72 were also given the opportunity to ask questions and provide comments.