MTCC-Asia held 2019 National Workshop & Train the Trainer in India


The 2019 National Workshop and Train the Trainer opened on September 23, 2019 in Mumbai, India. Directorate of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping (DGS) and Additional Secretary to the Government of India, Amitabh Kumar and Nautical Adviser K.P Jaya Kumar, and MTCC-Asia funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Maritime Organization attended the grand opening ceremony, with more than 20 participants from the Indian maritime industry.

Directorate of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping (DGS) and Additional Secretary to the Government of India, Amitabh Kumar expressed their gratitude to MTCC-Asia for holding this workshop on marine emission control in India. “Clean oceans are valuable resources for human beings, and awareness of the marine environment has increased in recent years,” he said. “Ship emission control is an effective way to improve the environment. On the basis of the functioning technologies, ship emission control should take a path that is suitable for the developing countries. considerations should be given to for the purpose of poverty relief during the fulfilment of the task. The development of technology should take into account the needs and affordability of developing countries. Only in this way can the green ship make its way forward steadily and sustainably.”

In his speech, Nautical Advisor of DGS, K.P Jaya Kumar recalled the continuous commitment of IMO to ship pollution prevention and control, especially ship air emissions. In the context that IMO has framed the MARPOL Convention, and more stringent requirements for ship air emissions. A plan for emission control on climate change was introduced in 2018 to further reduce the ship climate emissions. MTCC-Asia is the 1st EU-funded, IMO initiated organization within Asia, committed to ship air emissions control and fuel data control. The workshop, jointly organized with the DG shipping of India is absolutely significant.

MTCC-Asia Technical Officer Wang Deling expressed thanks for the organizer and introduced the history, mission and objectives of MTCC-Asia. He also briefed on the content of the workshop and stressed the important role of MTCC-Asia in disseminating the conventions and technology regarding the ship air emission control and energy efficiency promotion.

MTCC-Asia Technical Officer Wang Xian briefed on the functions and research results of MTCC-Asia, and the appreciation for the effort of Maritime Authority of India. It is wishful that cooperation based on this workshop between MTCC-Asia and India can be realized in the future, to ensure the advancement of ship air control and energy efficiency in India and the surrounding area.

The five-day workshop is co-sponsored by MTCC-Asia, DG Shipping, Ministry of Shipping (DGS) and Shanghai Maritime University. Participants of the workshop will discuss and exchange the issues on international maritime regulations, EEOI and EEDI, trimming-optimization technology, fuel data collection and reporting systems, Train the trainers programs and India EEDI case studies.