MTCC-Asia innovatively uses BeiDou Navigation Satellite System for ship fuel consumption data collection


Under the collaboration with the COSCO Shipping Tankers (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., MTCC-Asia technical staff installed the updated version of E-system of Voluntary Ship Fuel Consumption Data Collection on board an oil tanker and successfully collected the ship fuel consumption data onshore by using this E-system.

This E-system is fully designed and developed by MTCC-Asia for the implementation of the pilot project on “fuel consumption data collection and reporting” in line with IMO regulations. It consists of three modules, i.e. onboard collection module, data communication module and onshore analysis module. Onboard collection module is easily read and friendly used and provides ship with the manual input or the automatic collection depending upon if the ship’s flowmeter system on board is available. Onshore analysis module is able to receive the ship fuel consumption data in real time and then aggregate those data according to the IMO Resolution MEPC.278(70) Amendments to MARPOL Annex VI (Data collection system for fuel oil consumption of ships) and Resolution MEPC.292(71) 2017 Guidelines for administration verification of ship fuel oil consumption data.

The main progress with previous version, this updated E-system is the first time in the international shipping industry by successfully using BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) as the communication media between ship and shore for the ship fuel consumption data collection. In November 2014 the BDS has gained recognition from IMO. In comparison with other Global Navigation Satellite System, the BDS integrates navigation and short message communication capabilities. The BDS is currently able to provide the stable service within the Asia and Pacific region and it will be extended to the global by 2020 according to its development strategy.

The obvious advantage by using the BDS for the ship fuel consumption data collection is that the ship can benefit from the independent communication channel, lower communication fee and simple installation of onboard terminal. MTCC-Asia will continue to verify the technology and operation for collecting ship fuel consumption data in order to promote the efficient utilization within Asia.

E-system antenna installation by MTCC-Asia technicians

E-system operation training to seafarers

E-system in use by seafarer