MTCC-Asia officially operated the second E-learning Course for Cambodia branch office


From officially started to operate an E-learning course on May 1st, 2019, MTCC-Asia funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Maritime Organization, has already enrolled 22 trainees from Asian maritime authorities and institutions and all of the trainees completed the courses successfully with good results and harvested professional knowledge through advanced learning system. According to the successful education experience and shortcomings of the first batch of the courses, the second E-learning course was officially opened on July 10, 2019 by MTCC-Asia.

The 20 trainees of the second E-learning course are all from Cambodian maritime system, port and shipping industries, different from those of the first E-learning course who are from IMO Asian member states. Relying on the MTCC-Asia Cambodia branch office, the course is developed by the MTCC-Asia’s E-learning course system. The course makes full use of modern advanced teaching techniques, and plays the superiority of the branch office in providing concentrated learning, face-to-face discussion, and collective interaction between teachers and trainees at the same time. The E-learning course aims to improve trainees’ knowledge and abilities in   understanding the relevant international maritime conventions, ship energy efficiency operations and technologies, shipping industry management and practices during the two months duration. Jin Yongxing, the chairman of MTCC-Asia, accompanied by partial technical officers of MTCC-Asia attended the opening ceremony for the second E-learning course, and conducted the first online course as well.