MTCC-Asia officials visit COSCO Himalaya


On October 22, 2017, Head of MTCC-Asia Mr. RuanWei with technical officers, accompanied by the head of the department of Shanghai Ocean Shipping Co. Ltd., visited COSCO HIMALAYAS container ship in the Yangshan Deepwater Port of Shanghai for the ship trim and fuel consumption data collection research. The ship is  newly-delivered on July 25, 2017 with a total length of 366 meters, a width of 51.2 meters, a depth of 30.2 meters, and a draft of 14 meters. With 9 cargo holds, 18 bays and 11 layers containers can be piled up, 20 bays and 10 layers of containers can be piled on the deck, and 14568 containers can be loaded on the whole ship. The ship equipped with long-stroke main engine and large diameter propeller, compared with the same type of box ship, has had a lower fuel consumption, stronger energy-saving and environmental protection.

The visit to the ship is carried out in accordance with the capacity-building of MTCC-Asia in shipping industry emission reduction and energy efficiency. This real ship survey is for the comprehensive conduction of ship trim optimization and fuel consumption data collection. On the bridge, the Second Officer introduced marine communication and navigation equipment and the transmission of navigational data, especially explained data types, data generation, data transmission and the data analysis of ship’s integrated data platform. The Second Officer had a full discussion with MTCC-Asia visitors.

In the engine room, the Chief Engineer introduced the ship fuel consumption data collection in detail, and pointed out the deviation of fuel consumption measurement in actual operation, and discussed in depth with MTCC-Asia staff. In addition, the Electric Engineer introduced the port distribution and the line connection of the ship fuel data acquisition terminal, and analyzed the work of the ship oil separator on the fuel consumption of the ship.

Through the investigation of the ship, MTCC-Asia staff grasped the actual situation of the ship draft and fuel consumption data collection. It’s laid a solid foundation for ship trim optimization and fuel consumption data collection of MTCC Asia.