Pilot project in progress: MTCC-Asia officials on ship!


On 31 October 2018, two technical officials from MTCC-Asia visited the bulk carrier, M.V. CHANG MING YANG during its calling at the port of Cao Feidian in Hei Bei province of China. M.V. CHANG MING YANG operated by Tianjin Dongjiang Shipping Co., Ltd. is one of demonstration ships that supports MTCC-Asia to implement two pilot projects, i.e. uptake of ship energy efficiency technologies and operations (project EE) and ship fuel consumption data collection and reporting (project DC). The main objective of this visiting to the ship is to maintain the system that was installed on board for collecting the ship real data, to train the seafarers for correctly operating the system, and to promote the awareness of implementing the mandatory requirements on ship fuel consumption data collection and technical and operational measures for the uptake of energy efficiency.

For both pilot projects, the collection of relevant real ship data is most important primer to effectively implement the projects. MTCC-Asia has developed a system that is installed on demonstration ship and able to collect data through manual input or electronic means and then automatically transmit data through Beidou Satellite System to the shore. Currently, total 68,517 of sets of real ship data has been successfully collected from 15 demonstration ships (5 container ships, 5 bulk carriers and 5 oil tankers, respectively) by MTCC-Asia for both projects.

In EE project, one of purposes for MTCC-Asia is to seek how the operation of ship trim optimization can promote the ship energy efficiency. Based on the current data analysis,  the result proves that ship optimum trim operation is a reasonable and advantageous way to promote the ship energy efficiency. Less trim by stern the ship has less fuel the ship consumes, i.e. the ship will save more energy as it is trimmed by stem.