Pilot project seminar in 2017

June 22-23rd, a two-day seminar on the pilot project of the optimal trim to improve the ship energy efficiency was held in the city office of MTCC-Asia in Shanghai.

Captain GUO, head of technical department of COSCO Shipping introduces the Ship Energy Efficiency (EE) management plan and exercises of the company. Currently, there are 7 mega container ships have EE management on board, which provided a feasible solutions to the ship energy efficiency relating to ship optimal trim application. Questions with regards to the optimal trim under different loading and environment conditions are also discussed.

Captain Manith Prara, India technical staff of Bernhard Schulte Shipping management Co., Ltd, gives a presentation on their optimal trim management system which is being widely used on more than 100 international ships. He expounds about the key parameters related with optimal trim, onboard data collection arrangement, potentials on fuel oil saving, and onboard operation practices. Typical question raised during the presentation is how to verify the effect of the system on energy saving. Mr. Captain Manith Prara explained that the effect of the system was apparent, if you examined and compared the total cost on fuel of that ship with the cost of the past.

June 24th -25th, the first seminar on the pilot project of fuel consumption data collection and reporting was held by MTCC-Asia at its city office with 10 experts and professionals from maritime administrations and the shipping industry. The seminar is to bring together shipping stakeholders and maritime administrations to share opinions on successful implementation of fuel oil consumption data collection scheme as proposed by the IMO. In Suggestions, existing practices, difficulties and challenges with regards to data collection were fully exchanged and deeply discussed.