Vice Chairman of IMO Council visits MTCC-Asia

Recently, despite the humid and hot weather in Shanghai, Mr.Zhang Xiaojie , vice Chairman of IMO Council and vice director of the International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Transportation of China, visits MTCC-Asia and has a friendly and cordial talk with Jin Yongxing, director of the MTCC-Asia and Chairman of Board of Shanghai Maritime University.

Director Jin Yongxing expressed sincere gratitude to his unfailing and constant support in last years. He says that the operation of MTCC-Asia undergoes as planned. For the time being, at the top of the MTCC-Asia is the pending workshop in September, attracting as many as 50 participants from nearly 10 Asian countries. Lecturers and experts, other MTCC members and officers from IMO will gather in Shanghai, exchanging the practices and technologies being used in each country. And most importantly, the first hand information will be detailed by country and technology type, which lays a solid foundation for the implementation of Pilot Projects.

Ruan Wei, Head of MTCC-Asia introduces the technology approach to ship energy efficiency and the ongoing development of EE management system.

Zhang, on behalf of the IMO Council and the Ministry of Transportation of China expressed thanks to effort made by SMU and MTCC-Asia staff, saying that MTCC-Asia is the first functional institution authorized to be established by IMO, which is pioneering and leading in the shipping industry. Being one of achievements of B&R Initiatives, it is exceedingly important to make this project successful. As there is no precedent of this kind of organization, the road ahead is inevitably tough and bumpy. Nonetheless, the Ministry of Transport will be unshaken in its support to MTCC-Asia.