Working Meeting with Senior Consultant from COSCO China Shipping



A working meeting with Mr. Zhang Chi, President of COSCO China Shipping Central America, Senior Consultant of MTCC-Asia, was held in the city office on March 9, 2018. Prof. Jin Yongxing, Director of MTCC-Asia and the Chairman of Shanghai Maritime University Council expressed his thanks to Mr. Zhang for joining this meeting during his business trip in Shanghai.

Having been in the service of COSCO China Shipping for years, Mr. Zhang is currently leading for the Group the shipping market of Central America, with its headquarter based in Panama City. He brought forward strong information that “China’s Belt & Road Initiative are heralded not only by the coastal countries on the Maritime Silk Route, but also by the growing number of countries in the Central and South America that have made positive response to the Initiative. It thus provides huge potential of collaborations between parties based in central and south America and those in China including MTCC-Asia, particularly when energy efficiency technologies have become a cutting-edge and revolutionary force for driving green shipping.”

In further, technical officers had a broad discussion with Mr. Zhang about the advancement of ship energy efficiency management onboard COSCO fleets.